Lighting Beacons all over the world

We are inviting you to join with others around the world in our lighting of Beacons for World Harmony on November 24th. The original idea started here on the island of Paros in Greece and is spreading like wildfire.  Paros will initiate and spark the first global Beacon this Friday (24th) at nightfall.  Booking for the Paros event is essential. 

The invitation if you're not on Paros is to join us wherever you are by having your own gathering around a fire with friends or lighting of a candle if you are alone or otherwise busy.

The Beacon concept is all about bringing communities together face-to-face, to bring about connection, to shine a light for a collective manifestation of world harmony and peace. This might be around specific conflict zones, a need for a ceasefire or termination of other hostilities - or wider change. 

The Beacon might be a one-off gathering around a fire or it might be a gesture around a lighting of a candle. It might be a community forming to establish common ground, identify areas where change is needed and frameworks to carry out those actions, or to trailblaze new directions, values and principles. Or just be an opportunity to get together and make friends with neighbours. 

Like a murmuration of starlings or a shoal of fish, often our movements are intensified by the presence of a predator which unites us into a single movement, held in a “knowing field”.

The Beacon is a light through the darkness, leading us to safe havens that exist all over the globe. When we light our Beacons around the world we offer a guiding light to one another to unite us in our desire for peace and harmony throughout the planet. 

Here is Lucy Hill's prayer for peace...

You are invited to add your name and location in the comments and we will add them into our growing list of Trailblazers below who are joining together in harmony on 24th. We will gather at 19:00 EET in Greece so feel invited to join us then or any other time that suits in your timezone to send out a positive message of intention around the world. 

We hope to be online too at this time. Watch this space.

The Trailblazers list is growing...


Poppy Altmann - Frome, Somerset

Thomas Daniell - Lewis, Sussex

Lynda Davis - Chichester

Sunita Passi & Victoria - Nottingham

Lynette & Mia - Devon

Tanja Kerlo - London

Ruth Fox - Sheffield

Josie Kemp, Godalming, Surrey

Carol Jollie - Chiswick, W London

Sarah Jewell, Drefach Felindre, West Wales

Jackie Gee-Faulkner - Hebrides, Scotland

Fanella Hemus - Bristol

Fennel Waters - Manchester 

Inge Studnick - Wiltshire 

Fran Wardell - Bristol

Julia Palmer-Price - Malvern Hills 

Peter Thompson - Reading

Sonja Kristina - London 

Kevin & Lulu - Nottingham

Linda Williams - Stourport

Lindy Vosper - Sussex

Julia Palmer-Price - Malvern

Angela Ward - Frome

Juliet Mackay - Bristol 

Mick Collins - Norwich 

Chris Waters - Reading 

Sahara Redman - Cornwall

Sara Greenwood - Purbeck 

Ian Banyard - Cotswolds

Richard Lawrence and family - Twyford, Berkshire 

Lorraine Furneaux - Penzance 

Ffio Welford - Oxfordshire 

Helen Warden - Northamptonshire

Inge Studwick - Wiltshire

Pascale Barrett - Stafford

Gaynor Stanley 

Chris Dadswell - Lewes

Barbara Hoyle - Windsor

Sheila Carlberg - Warwickshire

Lisa McDonald, Wick, north Scotland 

Tracey Cameron - Wirral

Andrea Ballancore - Bristol

Caroline Watkins - Chepstow

Kelly - Kingston on Thames

Kate MacDonald - Yorkshire

Tamara Alferoff - London

Genene Edwards - London

Sam Auckland - Avebury

Aileen Riddet and Stella Goodall - Mablethorpe, Lincs 

Sue Somers - Porlock

Sonya Dunsdon - Norwich

Aradia Phoenix - Brixham

Meryl Van Spall - Southam, Warks 

Faye Dobinson - Penzance 

Margaret Seaby - Manchester 

Genene Edwards - Bournemouth

Jenny Scott - Lincoln 

Helen Mansfield & Charlotte Kitteridge - Peckham

Ros Johnson - Wells

Nicki Holmes - Cotswolds 

Catherine Mary Hayes - Norfolk

Dan Astin-Gregory - Bournemouth


Paros Beacon attendees - Paros

Debbie Underwood - Tinos

Katerina Kitsili - Molos, Paros

Patricia Rikh - Paroikia, Paros

Rachel May - Aegina

Jeanette and Charles Tasker - Alyki, Paros 

Petra Kampmann and Terence Mortimer  - Paros


Kay del Valechito - Suncho Chumo


Arielle Warner - Tel Aviv


Annerike Dijkhuis - Nassau


Michelle Grimaud - Ouest France 

Caitlin Walker - Paris


Caroline Gill 


Trish Larsen - Sønderborg


Carla Wiechers - Utrecht

Zelda Hall - Amsterdam

Marlies van Echteld - Dordrecht 


Mattrix and Rachel - Uki,  New South Wales

Victoria Wheeler - Sydney 

Susan Loy Stoneham - Brisbane 

Shusahann Movsessian - Coogee Beach


Bob Hillary - Kerikeri


Terri Severance - San Diego

Victoria Scott - Malibu Canyon, Los Angeles

Cheryl McEnaney - Los Angeles

Noah Koff - Portland

Godze Turkmen Redden - Houston 

ReVonda Crow - North Carolina


Carina Cox - Tokyo


Thomas Schorr-Kon 


Sally Bourne - Via Nova De Milfontes 


Aelia Kos

Elina Viita


Haji Mike - Nicosia


Julie Oxendale - Como


Peta Inglesent - Didim


Katy Marriot - Argentina

More on the Paros Beacon

Background to the Beacons Concept

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Wishing that the beacons will offer a message of hope to those who cannot follow the light out of the darkest global situations 🔥
sorry I cant make it in person.. have a wonderful evening. it is a great idea.
Joining from Switzerland
Great initiative.
Penzance, Cornwall
Just had my fire 🔥 ✨️ Horsham, West Sussex
Love this work, intentions and vibe. Light those beacons and Raise The Goldfire! May The Spirit of Joyful Connection weave ever outward From Haight Ashbury, San Francisco, California Professor Violet

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