Global Beacons lighting up the World

We launched the Global Beacons initiative with an event in Paros, Greece on November 24th. 

We’re lighting a Beacon for world harmony now every solstice and equinox.

We invite you to join us wherever you are by staging your own gathering around a fire or lighting of a candle. Please add your name and location in the comment box at the bottom of this article. 

On November 24th, 2023,,  a random group of people ended up around my dinner table and we agreed that we would like to invite a small group of like-hearted friends to symbolically light the first Paros Beacon at 19:00 on Friday November 24th. 

The Paros Beacon would be lit as:

1) A iconic symbol for connection and a proactive gesture towards world harmony.

2) A synchronistic vibration-raiser amongst friends around the world on the same timeline.

3) An opening salvo to inspire a new type of pop-up festival on Paros island.

Here is our simple invitation to light Beacons all over the world

The Paros Beacon was lit in a shamanic fire ceremony by Jessica Mallock, an Artist, Shamanic Practitioner, TRE (tension & trauma release exercise) Provider, Mentor, Creative Guide and Grandmother.

Here she details how to set up a Beacon lighting ceremony 


It’s high time we reclaimed the idea of Beacons. Instead of using them merely for the celebration of royal occasions, anniversaries or such other star-spangled ceremonials, let’s re-ignite them as signals for significant connection and celebration, of the universal desire for more harmony and peace in the world. The Beacons will bring light to this sense of connection and universal commonality between us all, whatever the beliefs, borders or prejudices.

Read more about the original concept 

May the Beacon lighting of the 24th be a spark for global connection but also for the start of a week when we might try out a few DIY events that could help shape a 'Grace and Spark' Paros Winter Gathering.

As my friend Boho says :

"On the enchanting island of Paros, we are coming together to host a truly special event—an intimate gathering of souls for the inaugural "Light a Beacon" Together for Peace and World Harmony. This unique assembly will feature its first-ever shamanic fire ceremony. Our collective intention is to bring forth a new world—a realm where people step out of their homes and into a space of unity, prayer, and vision for a better tomorrow.

The night promises to be rich with magical conversations, and I ask you to bring an open heart to join in the enchantment. This experience marks the first of its kind on Paros, with many more magical gatherings to follow. Follow the magic within.”

See you around the fire,

Pete Lawrence, Campfire Convention Firestarter


The beacon lighting is so heart warming, wish I could be in Paros to join you on Friday but I’ll be lighting a candle in Frome, UK instead 💛🔥
I will be lighting a beacon. Fabulous concept. X
We will light a Candle in support of this gesture and ceremony for you and your followers Peter, in Twyford, Berkshire.
Í'll be lighting a beacon for a world full of love and peace and harmony. I'm with you all in spirit. For all our relations ♥️
What a beautiful idea. I shall light a flame in Buenos Aires.
It's been said that all the darkness in the world cannot extinguish the light of a single candle so I will ignite many plus a beacon too in 'The Shire', The County of Oxfordshire, England, UK
Beautiful idea to send out much needed light and positive vibrations. I will be lighting candles in Kingston upon Thames
We will light a beacon in Wick in the far north of Scotland 🙏🏼
What a wonderful idea! I will join in spirit by lighting a candle in Bristol, UK.
Count me in. I'll be in Lincolnshire with a friend I met in Israel in 1977. x
I will be lighting a candle on November 24th.
North Carolina, USA
We will be holding space around an open fire in the beautiful Devon countryside
A flame will be lit in Avebury transmitting loving and peaceful intention.
WE will light a candle at our SongS P A C E Session at 11am in the Malvern Hills UK THIS Friday.. with a loving intention that all beings be happy and free from suffering.. May our flames unite us all & inspire harmony and peace on the 24th.. Blessed BE 🙏
I’m not able to attend in person, so I will light a candle.
I’ll be lighting a candle in Wells, Somerset- Much love
I will light a candle and have a fire 🔥 at my garden 🪴 therapy room in the Cotswolds, to join together and unite to set our intention for world peace and harmony and send out beacons of hope around the world 🌎
I will be lighting a beacon in Bristol, England.
I am lighting a beacon in Coventry England
Sending light to all from Buenos Aires x

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