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Shamanic Fire Ceremony

 - written by Jessica Mallock (edited by Pete Lawrence)

The allure of fire is undeniable. It ignites the very essence of our being, calling us on a souls journey, prompting us to answer its call, we find ourselves gathered in a circle or standing alone in a sacred space, surrounded by its warm glow. In these moments, we often experience a sense of deep remembrance, as if our ancestors are with us, sitting around the fire, finding warmth, nourishment, and storytelling. 

The fire ceremony is an invitation to partake in an ancient tradition. 

As we approach the fire, it awakens all our senses, grounding us in the present moment. It offers us a chance to transcend the confines of our everyday reality and enter a realm of timelessness, wonder, and infinite possibilities. We connect with spirit and consciousness, both on a personal and collective level. 

This sacred space becomes a catalyst for rapid transformation, providing a pathway to release old narratives and dramas that no longer serve us. By offering these patterns and structures to the fire and surrendering them to spirit, our souls find healing. In the weeks that follow, we may notice a shift in our perception, a change in our physical sensations, and a new perspective on life.

The fire ceremony presents an opportunity to envision a new world, one that is not shaped by our past, but rather informed by the beings we will become in the next 10,000 years. Here, we call upon our future selves to download a quantum piece of energy that is whole and healed. From this place, we can dream a new world into being, not just for ourselves, but for the generations to come, our children’s children. 

In this sacred space, we listen to the stories whispered by the fire, gaining wisdom and insight from the sacred other. We connect with our fire teacher and receive its teachings.

Shamans say that in the past, it took years to learn how to be a fire keeper. However, nowadays, we don't have enough time for such lengthy training. If you feel a strong calling to make a fire ceremony, then it's the right time for you to do it. Remember that everything is exactly as it should be, embrace the sacred, stay present, and you will create a truly beautiful ceremony.

Here is a plan for your upcoming fire ceremony:

Prior to the ceremony, take a few days to venture onto your land with a sense of reverence and appreciation, taking gentle steps collect a bundle of sticks allowing them to dry. In addition to the sticks, gather newspaper, kindling (extra dry wood), pinecones or natural fire starters, matches, rattles, drums, and olive oil.

Next, determine the location for your fire. You can make a fire on the earth, use a fire bowl or create a space in your home with a candle. If you opt for the latter, ensure that the fire is not placed near trees, as their roots can catch fire. If your land is particularly dry, consider finding an alternative approach. It is crucial to leave no trace, as if you were never there, shaman leave no tracks, so approach this decision with integrity.

Feel free to invite friends to join you by making a call out and see who responds.

Before the fire ceremony begins, ask each participant to bring a personal offering in the form of a stick. This stick represents an opportunity to release any burdens or negative narratives that no longer serve them. Additionally, inquire if anyone would like to create a Pacha Mamma Stick. This special stick is made by binding together flowers, herbs, and leaves found in nature. It serves as an expression of gratitude for our lives on Earth and a vessel for our hopes and dreams for future generations.

Designate a gathering spot for everyone and provide instructions on how to build a fire, passing the Pacha Mamma Stick, and teach the fire song.

Your job as space holder is to hold stillness

To ground both your guests and yourself, consider playing or singing a song and leading a meditation.

Fire Song: Witchi Tai To

At its core, “Witchi-Tai-To” is inspired by Native American spirituality and the quest for enlightenment. The title of the song is derived from a chant used by the Native American Peyote religion, which holds sacred ceremonies involving the use of peyote, a small cactus with psychotropic properties. The origins of the chant can be traced back to the Kiowa tribe, who believed in the healing and transformative powers of peyote.

The song’s lyrics are imbued with themes of unity and inner peace, urging listeners to embrace spirituality and let go of their worldly burdens. The repetitive and mesmerizing chant of “Witchi-Tai-To” serves as a tool for transcendence, inviting listeners to embark on a spiritual journey of self-discovery. The song’s melodic and vibrant rhythm further enhances its uplifting message, evoking a sense of joy and connectedness.

The exact meaning of “Witchi-Tai-To” is open to interpretation. The term has been associated with various translations, including “it is springtime” and “I’m walking in peace.” Ultimately, the title represents the spiritual essence of the Native American chant and invites listeners to embrace a state of harmony and inner peace.

The song was popularised in the pop charts run the late 60s by Harpers Bizarre with another iconic version by Jim Pepper in 1971

There are numerous derivations, notably 'Niche Ti Ti'

N - U - Y

Ora Nika Ora Nika

Hey hey….Hey Hey


Loosely translated

O Great Mother, Mother of the Waters

We call on you, Waters of our Birth

Waters of our Sustenance

Waters that cleanse us on our death

Waters of Life

Walk to the place you have chosen to make fire in silence.

NB: Everything that is placed on the fire is blown into, our breath like the wind blows our essence into the fire.

Place two sticks one across the other, which represent the four directions on the ground.

Then starting with paper and the driest wood build a tepee fire adding more wood as desired.

Call in sacred space - turning to each direction:


To the winds of the South

Great Serpent

Wrap your coils of light around us

Teach us to shed the past the way you shed your skin

To walk softly on the Earth

Teach us the Beauty Way


To the winds of the West

Mother Jaguar

Protect our medicine space

Teach us the way of peace, to live impeccably

Show us the way beyond death


To the winds of the North

Hummingbird, Grandmothers and Grandfathers

Ancient Ones

Come and warm your hands by our fires

Whisper to us in the wind

We honor you who have come before us

And you who will come after us, our children’s children


To the winds of the East

Great Eagle, Condor

Come to us from the place of the rising Sun

Keep us under your wing

Show us the mountains we only dare to dream of

Teach us to fly wing to wing with the Great Spirit

Mother Earth

We’ve gathered for the honoring of all of your children

The Stone People, the Plant People

The four-legged, the two-legged, the creepy crawlers

The finned, the furred, and the winged ones

All our relations

Father Sun

Father Sun, Grandmother Moon, to the Star Nations

Thankyou for overnighting this space

Teaching us to shine like bright stars in the light sky

Fire Song

Great Spirit, you who are known by a thousand names

And you who are the unnamable One

Thank you for bringing us together

And allowing us to sing the Song 

Of Life, Love, Joy, and freedom

One more day


To begin the ceremony, ignite the fire (if needed, you may ask someone else to assist with this task). As the fire lights, we will commence singing the fire song, accompanied by the rhythmic sounds of rattling and drumming. These melodic elements aid in shifting our focus away from our analytical minds and alter our consciousness.

Next the space holder will nourish the fire by feeding it with olive oil three times. The first offering will be made to the four directions, followed by an offering to the heavens and the earth. Lastly to everyone in circle..

As the fire becomes more welcoming, we enter a phase of learning. Take a moment to observe the dancing flames, allowing their energy to guide you.

The designated space holder approaches the fire, holding a stick. They blow into the stick, infusing it with their intentions, before placing it into the fire. With their hands, they draw energy from the fire, replenishing their three centers: the third eye for wisdom, the heart for love, and the belly for the power to serve. If you are alone, call upon your ancestors to stand behind you during this process.

The space holder expresses gratitude to both the fire and the person who supported them, then rejoins the circle. Following their lead, everyone else does the same.

Meanwhile, the Pacha Mama stick is passed around the circle, allowing each person to blow their dreams into it.

Once everyone has made their personal offering to the fire, the space holder requests the singing to cease. They then invite the person who created the Pacha Mama stick to choose someone of the opposite gender to bring balance to the fire. This act symbolizes the harmonization of masculine and feminine energies. (remember also that we carry both energies within so you could choose in another way)

From this point forward, the fire becomes the children's fire.

Take a moment to be present and observe your surroundings. Allow yourself to be completely awake, notice what you notice

The space holder requests everyone to take a step back and invites the guardians and keepers of the land to come forward and make their offerings at the fire.

Take a moment to notice what you notice.

Proceed to close the sacred space.

Space Holder asks if anyone wishes to remain by the fire until the last flames extinguish, hear the stories of the fire, 

During this time, spontaneous moments may occur, such as holding hands, singing, dancing, or simply sitting in silence. It is truly beautiful to witness the fire without physically interacting with it.

Afterwards, we can come together for a potluck supper. Fire has a unique ability to bring people together and foster a sense of community. When individuals embark on their healing journeys, we have the opportunity to create new ways of being together.

If you choose to conduct a ceremony at home, you can incorporate elements from the previous instructions. Begin by calling in sacred space, creating an altar adorned with stones, pinecones, flowers, and lighting a candle. Use pieces of paper to burn or cocktail sticks, either by blowing them into the fire or writing on them anything that no longer serves you. Nourish your three centres from the flame light of the candle .

Finally, we will close the sacred space. Embrace the beauty of this moment, invite the sacred into your space, and allow spirit to flow through you. Take note of any observations or insights that arise.

Please note that the shaman kindly requests that no alcohol or drugs be consumed during the fire ceremony. As we work with energy and consciousness, it is best to avoid mixing these substances.

Pete Lawrence
tag:lightabeacon.org,2013:Post/2057526 2023-12-02T14:27:59Z 2023-12-12T18:37:49Z Winter Solstice is go!

New Timeline: December 22, 2023

Synchronicity. Timing. Desire. Dreaming. Hope. Grace. Connection. Vision. Change. Empathy. Grief. Trailblazing. Love. Laughter. Compassion. Sorrow. Liberation. Transformation. Offering...

These are some of words that arose around our Beacon Lighting in Paros.

We were greatly encouraged by so much feedback from Beacon lighters all over the world

So much so that we're launching another Beacon lighting initiative for connection, liberation and world harmony. We will aim for 18:00 GMT as our indicator and this time, Monmouth Wales will be our Beacon of choice to start a chain of global Beacon lighting.

Join us and let's light up for change...

We invite you to support our Donorbox campaign 

Pete Lawrence
tag:lightabeacon.org,2013:Post/2055132 2023-11-25T17:00:33Z 2023-11-29T14:25:57Z A film about lighting the Paros Beacon Here's a video I made today about yesterday’s iconic Beacon lighting ...as we build up to the full moon, we are trailblazing a breaking down of the old order as we set our intentions towards world harmony and a higher state of being.   

Pete Lawrence 

"On a starry night on November 24th, a gathering of souls, a mystical came together at Milos House for an extraordinary occasion - LIGHT THE BEACON. There, a sacred fire ceremony was held, calling in our ancestors, the spirit realms, the animal and plants kingdoms, birthed under a night sky overlooking the ocean. A new timeline, filled with community, sharings, peace and love, harmony, joy and laughter. A new era was born" Boho Dogon

Pete Lawrence
tag:lightabeacon.org,2013:Post/2055089 2023-11-25T09:06:53Z 2023-11-25T09:07:46Z THE PAROS BEACON HAS BEEN LIT

From Paros to the world. We should never underestimate how the power of intention for world harmony can spread like wildfire. 


Beacons were lit in sync in:







New Zealand 















and elsewhere 

Like a murmuration of starlings or a shoal of fish, often our movements are intensified by the presence of a predator which unites us into a single movement, held in a “knowing field”.  

The Beacon is a light through the darkness, leading us to safe havens that exist all over the globe. When we light our Beacons around the world we offer a guiding light to one another to unite us as trailblazers in our desire for peace and harmony throughout the planet.

We already have the seeds for a global peace initiative. 


Pete Lawrence
tag:lightabeacon.org,2013:Post/2052182 2023-11-18T06:34:33Z 2024-02-07T08:11:03Z Lighting Beacons all over the world

We are inviting you to join with others around the world in our lighting of Beacons for World Harmony on November 24th. The original idea started here on the island of Paros in Greece and is spreading like wildfire.  Paros will initiate and spark the first global Beacon this Friday (24th) at nightfall.  Booking for the Paros event is essential. 

The invitation if you're not on Paros is to join us wherever you are by having your own gathering around a fire with friends or lighting of a candle if you are alone or otherwise busy.

The Beacon concept is all about bringing communities together face-to-face, to bring about connection, to shine a light for a collective manifestation of world harmony and peace. This might be around specific conflict zones, a need for a ceasefire or termination of other hostilities - or wider change. 

The Beacon might be a one-off gathering around a fire or it might be a gesture around a lighting of a candle. It might be a community forming to establish common ground, identify areas where change is needed and frameworks to carry out those actions, or to trailblaze new directions, values and principles. Or just be an opportunity to get together and make friends with neighbours. 

Like a murmuration of starlings or a shoal of fish, often our movements are intensified by the presence of a predator which unites us into a single movement, held in a “knowing field”.

The Beacon is a light through the darkness, leading us to safe havens that exist all over the globe. When we light our Beacons around the world we offer a guiding light to one another to unite us in our desire for peace and harmony throughout the planet. 

Here is Lucy Hill's prayer for peace...

You are invited to add your name and location in the comments and we will add them into our growing list of Trailblazers below who are joining together in harmony on 24th. We will gather at 19:00 EET in Greece so feel invited to join us then or any other time that suits in your timezone to send out a positive message of intention around the world. 

We hope to be online too at this time. Watch this space.

The Trailblazers list is growing...


Poppy Altmann - Frome, Somerset

Thomas Daniell - Lewis, Sussex

Lynda Davis - Chichester

Sunita Passi & Victoria - Nottingham

Lynette & Mia - Devon

Tanja Kerlo - London

Ruth Fox - Sheffield

Josie Kemp, Godalming, Surrey

Carol Jollie - Chiswick, W London

Sarah Jewell, Drefach Felindre, West Wales

Jackie Gee-Faulkner - Hebrides, Scotland

Fanella Hemus - Bristol

Fennel Waters - Manchester 

Inge Studnick - Wiltshire 

Fran Wardell - Bristol

Julia Palmer-Price - Malvern Hills 

Peter Thompson - Reading

Sonja Kristina - London 

Kevin & Lulu - Nottingham

Linda Williams - Stourport

Lindy Vosper - Sussex

Julia Palmer-Price - Malvern

Angela Ward - Frome

Juliet Mackay - Bristol 

Mick Collins - Norwich 

Chris Waters - Reading 

Sahara Redman - Cornwall

Sara Greenwood - Purbeck 

Ian Banyard - Cotswolds

Richard Lawrence and family - Twyford, Berkshire 

Lorraine Furneaux - Penzance 

Ffio Welford - Oxfordshire 

Helen Warden - Northamptonshire

Inge Studwick - Wiltshire

Pascale Barrett - Stafford

Gaynor Stanley 

Chris Dadswell - Lewes

Barbara Hoyle - Windsor

Sheila Carlberg - Warwickshire

Lisa McDonald, Wick, north Scotland 

Tracey Cameron - Wirral

Andrea Ballancore - Bristol

Caroline Watkins - Chepstow

Kelly - Kingston on Thames

Kate MacDonald - Yorkshire

Tamara Alferoff - London

Genene Edwards - London

Sam Auckland - Avebury

Aileen Riddet and Stella Goodall - Mablethorpe, Lincs 

Sue Somers - Porlock

Sonya Dunsdon - Norwich

Aradia Phoenix - Brixham

Meryl Van Spall - Southam, Warks 

Faye Dobinson - Penzance 

Margaret Seaby - Manchester 

Genene Edwards - Bournemouth

Jenny Scott - Lincoln 

Helen Mansfield & Charlotte Kitteridge - Peckham

Ros Johnson - Wells

Nicki Holmes - Cotswolds 

Catherine Mary Hayes - Norfolk

Dan Astin-Gregory - Bournemouth


Paros Beacon attendees - Paros

Debbie Underwood - Tinos

Katerina Kitsili - Molos, Paros

Patricia Rikh - Paroikia, Paros

Rachel May - Aegina

Jeanette and Charles Tasker - Alyki, Paros 

Petra Kampmann and Terence Mortimer  - Paros


Kay del Valechito - Suncho Chumo


Arielle Warner - Tel Aviv


Annerike Dijkhuis - Nassau


Michelle Grimaud - Ouest France 

Caitlin Walker - Paris


Caroline Gill 


Trish Larsen - Sønderborg


Carla Wiechers - Utrecht

Zelda Hall - Amsterdam

Marlies van Echteld - Dordrecht 


Mattrix and Rachel - Uki,  New South Wales

Victoria Wheeler - Sydney 

Susan Loy Stoneham - Brisbane 

Shusahann Movsessian - Coogee Beach


Bob Hillary - Kerikeri


Terri Severance - San Diego

Victoria Scott - Malibu Canyon, Los Angeles

Cheryl McEnaney - Los Angeles

Noah Koff - Portland

Godze Turkmen Redden - Houston 

ReVonda Crow - North Carolina


Carina Cox - Tokyo


Thomas Schorr-Kon 


Sally Bourne - Via Nova De Milfontes 


Aelia Kos

Elina Viita


Haji Mike - Nicosia


Julie Oxendale - Como


Peta Inglesent - Didim


Katy Marriot - Argentina

More on the Paros Beacon

Background to the Beacons Concept

Join us at Campfire Convention

Pete Lawrence
tag:lightabeacon.org,2013:Post/2048606 2023-11-15T10:09:19Z 2024-02-07T08:11:03Z Global Beacons lighting up the World

We launched the Global Beacons initiative with an event in Paros, Greece on November 24th. 

We’re lighting a Beacon for world harmony now every solstice and equinox.

We invite you to join us wherever you are by staging your own gathering around a fire or lighting of a candle. Please add your name and location in the comment box at the bottom of this article. 

On November 24th, 2023,,  a random group of people ended up around my dinner table and we agreed that we would like to invite a small group of like-hearted friends to symbolically light the first Paros Beacon at 19:00 on Friday November 24th. 

The Paros Beacon would be lit as:

1) A iconic symbol for connection and a proactive gesture towards world harmony.

2) A synchronistic vibration-raiser amongst friends around the world on the same timeline.

3) An opening salvo to inspire a new type of pop-up festival on Paros island.

Here is our simple invitation to light Beacons all over the world

The Paros Beacon was lit in a shamanic fire ceremony by Jessica Mallock, an Artist, Shamanic Practitioner, TRE (tension & trauma release exercise) Provider, Mentor, Creative Guide and Grandmother.

Here she details how to set up a Beacon lighting ceremony 


It’s high time we reclaimed the idea of Beacons. Instead of using them merely for the celebration of royal occasions, anniversaries or such other star-spangled ceremonials, let’s re-ignite them as signals for significant connection and celebration, of the universal desire for more harmony and peace in the world. The Beacons will bring light to this sense of connection and universal commonality between us all, whatever the beliefs, borders or prejudices.

Read more about the original concept 

May the Beacon lighting of the 24th be a spark for global connection but also for the start of a week when we might try out a few DIY events that could help shape a 'Grace and Spark' Paros Winter Gathering.

As my friend Boho says :

"On the enchanting island of Paros, we are coming together to host a truly special event—an intimate gathering of souls for the inaugural "Light a Beacon" Together for Peace and World Harmony. This unique assembly will feature its first-ever shamanic fire ceremony. Our collective intention is to bring forth a new world—a realm where people step out of their homes and into a space of unity, prayer, and vision for a better tomorrow.

The night promises to be rich with magical conversations, and I ask you to bring an open heart to join in the enchantment. This experience marks the first of its kind on Paros, with many more magical gatherings to follow. Follow the magic within.”

See you around the fire,

Pete Lawrence, Campfire Convention Firestarter 


Pete Lawrence